Five Benefits of Changing Your Oil On Time

Five Benefits of Changing Your Oil On Time

A regular oil change is the most crucial routine vehicle maintenance for a car owner.
It is a simple yet vital routine to keep your automobile running smoothly.

By setting a scheduled date for an oil change, you ensure that your car won’t give you any headaches at the most inconvenient times.


Here are the five reasons why regular oil changes should be your topmost priority.

Keep your engine clean

1. Keep your engine clean

Oil flows into the engine and other areas as you use your vehicle. As this goes on, foreign debris begins to collect and mixes with it. If you neglect an oil change, the dirty oil will start to accumulate and can affect your engine.

Changing the oil and replacing your filter regularly is essential to prevent this dirt from damaging your engine.

Improved engine life

2. Improved engine life

Your car’s engine depends on your oil. It is the life of the engine and it requires proper maintenance. The oil protects and lubricates your engine and other parts from getting damaged as you use it.

When your oil gets dirty, your engine also becomes filled with dirt that causes friction. A scheduled oil change helps ensure that your machine is protected from excess wear and tear and will last long without returning to repair shops.

Get better gas mileage

3. Get better gas mileage

If you want to save up on gas, you better consider having your oil changed regularly. While gas consumption relies on several factors such as terrain, environment, and driving habits, it also includes vehicle maintenance which changing oil is a big part of.

If your car is not maintained correctly, the dirt on your engine affects fuel economy. A regular oil change is both cost-effective and efficient for your when it comes to fuel use.

Protect the environment

4. Protect the environment

Dirty oil allows hydrocarbons to build inside your engine. These get burned up and are released through your car’s exhaust.

The harmful particles are air pollutants, which is why vehicles fail emissions tests. If you do not want to deal with failed emission testing, regular oil changes can help avoid this extra hassle. Having a well-maintained automobile also helps in protecting the environment.

Keep engine components cool

5. Keep engine components cool

When your oil is too old, it breaks down when exposed to heat. Aside from losing its viscosity, it also loses its ability to lubricate your engine’s cylinder walls. Moreover, oil removes heat from other parts of your machine. If the oil has sludge, it will not be able to do its function.

The components remain hotter as you use your car, making your engine run with difficulty. At times, it may lead to overheating. This is an added hassle on your part if your car breaks down in the middle of the road.  

Regular oil change is a must, and you must not keep on ignoring it. It prolongs the life of your engine and saves you from expensive repairs in the future. Schedule regular change of oil for your vehicle at AquaShine Car Wash. Our expert automobile technicians will handle the job for you and ensure that your car is at its top performance with a consistent oil change.

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